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yacht awning
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tendalino retrattile
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The images show some of the awnings for boats or yachts of our design.

For example the awning with longitudinal beams, which is suitable in situations where the deck extremity space for the installation is not very large.

In this case you need space for the accommodation of longitudinal boxes (or just one bigger, in central position) containing the drive system of supporting beams (see the seventh image).

A longitudinal awning of this type was installed on the yacht Benetti "Sunday" or, as a preliminary design, on the megayacht CRN "ClarenaII.
Where it is possible to exploit the transverse space of the deck, you can opt for a arms awning (telescopic or not) because is not very intrusive in the structure of the boat but at the same time allows a wide coverage of the surrounding area. Or, if you want to cover most the sides of the deck, the solution with fan of latest generation is more appropriate.

And again, if possible, you can use a hardtop as on the Benetti "Galaxy" with the cantilever part of about 6 meters.

Fan and arms solutions, as they require a minimum longitudinal space, are ideal for applications on roll bar of motor-yachts.

All of these awnings are fully installed and tested in our yard, ready to be easily mounted.

We prefer operate all movements using electric motors rather than hydraulic motors, as a matter of weight and to eliminate the risk of leakage which can stain the surrounding areas.

In the closed position, all solutions integrate seamlessly with the rest of the deck.

Since almost all the solutions are cantilever, the use of materials with high ratio rigidity (strength) / weight is important.
For example, carbon fiber, or in situations not very critical, fiberglass to reduce costs and, for the same reason, where there aren’t very complex geometries, aluminium.

Techniques of FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis are used to minimize weight while maintaining an adequate safety factor in critical situations with acceleration of over 4g.
However, for those who wish it, a sensor for automatic closure could be mounted in case of increase in wind.

To have some other examples of our projects also see sundeck awnings.

Clearly, each boat / yacht has its own specific needs, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view, and therefore requires special solutions.

In that case please send us an email with your specific requests or for more information about our boat awnings.
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